Everything Important About Spring Energized Seals

ptfe seals , spring energized seals

The spring energized seals work reliably in different applications where the traditional elastomeric seals are not able to perform because of extreme heat or cold; chemical attacks, compression or extrusion set and friction. These ptfe seals come with three fundamental design elements which are:

  • Metal spring loading system
  • Pressure-actuated U-shaped jacket
  • High performing polymeric seal materials.

Spring energized PTFE seals are basically spring-energized U-cups that use different varieties of spring types, materials and jacket profiles in piston and rod, rotary seal and face configurations. These are generally used when the elastomeric seals lose their ability of meeting temperature range, friction or chemical resistance requirements.

Stainless steel springs energize the seals and supply the entire load required for sealing when media pressure is very low. This is done to completely actuate the lips. The exclusive material properties and design of these seals offer design engineers with a complete range of solutions for some of the most complicated applications.

Some of the most amazing potential of the spring energized PTFE seals are as follows: