How Does High Grade Plastic Hose And Tubes Used For Industrial Application?

Teflon hose, Fep tube

The professional grade plastic product helps in production of wide range of construction product. The quality fluoroplastics produced with advance technology ensure production of sturdy materials with assurance of quality. Zhuzhou Hongda Polymer Material Co. Ltd is known for producing customized high performance plastics, membrane fittings or pipes for use across various industries.

Quality Plastic Fittings and Pipes for Various Purpose

  • The Teflon hose is produced from the PTFE material which is resistant to chemical damage, reduce friction, resistant to extreme temperature or electrical changes and has high moisture absorption.
  • The Fep tube is transparent and is used widely across chemical industries for transfer of solvents or chemicals as it is resistant to corrosion.
  • The Teflon hose helps in delivery of gas, mineral oil, adhesive etc. and hence used across automobile, aviation, construction, oil, or gas etc. industry. These pipes are heat resistant and comes as strong fitting with transparency.
  • The Fep tube does not shrink when exposed to high temperature and hence it is suitable for electronic appliances and industries. The tubes are available in a various size and thickness which are customized as per the requirement. The high grade plastic tubes and pipes are used in water treatment plant, chemical industry, pump, automobile etc.

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