Modified PTFE TFM 1600 seat for Valve

Compared with PTFE, the modified PTFE material has retained all the proven advantages of PTFE (3M TFM 1600&TFM 1700, DAIKIN M111...), but also added good additional valuable properties. It has a lower coefficient of friction that provides better creep resistance than PTFE

  • lower deformation under load
  • Denser polymer structure with fewer voids, less porous surfaceslmproved chemical permeation resistance
  • Better resiliency at elevated temperatures
  • Smoother surface finish on machined parts


TFM™1600 is ideal for high purity applications such as semi-conductor, and also in lower temperature applications. TFM™-1600 resists “popcorning” in monomer and polymer services because of its lower porosity and permeability compared to PTFE.

Temperature Range: -75°F to 500°F
Max Pressure at Room Temperature: 2000 psi
Color: Transparent White