• Engineering Plastic PEEK SHEET
    Engineering Plastic PEEK SHEET PEEK is a semicrystalline thermoplastics with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained to high temperatures.   PEEK sheet is an extremely tough, wear resistant plastic with excellent resistance to high temperatures and energy radiation. It is very dimensionally stable and has a high…
  • High quality PEEK Tube
    High quality PEEK Tube Here are the sizes for PEEK tube or PEEK pipe(Unit:MM) No. OD×ID No. OD×ID No. OD×ID No. OD×ID 1 Φ24.7 ×Φ17.0 11 Φ31.1 ×Φ20.0 21 Φ42.0 ×Φ33.2 31 Φ58.9 ×Φ38.0 2 Φ24.7 ×Φ11.0 12 Φ33.2 ×Φ20.4 22 Φ42.0 ×Φ30.0 32 Φ58.9 ×Φ45.0 3 Φ24.7 ×Φ22.0 13…
  • High temperature resistance PEEK ROD
    High temperature resistance PEEK ROD Application of PEEK rods: 1. Aerospace parts, Valve Seats 2. Seals, Gears, Fittings 3. Bearings and bushings (bearing grade PEEK) 4. Semiconductor machinery components 5. Pump and valve components, Wafer Carriers, Piston Rings 6. Medical instrument parts 7. Electrical components Size for PEEK ROD PEEK Rods…
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