• Good quality PVDF sheet or PVDF plate
    Good quality PVDF sheet or PVDF plate PVDF plate is rigid and resistant to creep under mechanical stress and load. Another advantage over other fluoroplastics is that PVDF plate can be welded into tanks for acid and corrosive chemical processing in high temperature environments. PVDF sheets or PVDF plate are mainly produced by extrution…
  • Good quality PVDF Rod
    Good quality PVDF Rod It can be widely used as the corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant materials, electrical and electronic components or instrument parts etc. Size for pvdf rod or pvdf round bar Diameter(mm) Approx.Weight (kg) Length(mm) Ф5 0.04 1000 Ф10 0.15 1000 Ф15 0.34 1000 Ф20 0.6 1000 Ф25 0.95 1000 Ф30 1.4…
  • PVDF pipe and PVDF tube manufactuer
    PVDF pipe and PVDF tube manufactuer Main Applications of PVDF Pipe, PVDF tube 1) Discharge ionizing water flow treatment systems such as:cooling water pipeline system,water supply, water distribution,slurry pipeline semiconductor manufacturing plant 2) Industrial and fluid pipeline systems Such as:electroplating plants, pharmaceutical, metal processing,refinery acid and alkali liquid transport textile mills, tannery…
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