Shaft Seals
  • Metal shell shaft seals
    Metal shell shaft seals Rotary Shaft Seal Features: ● Excellent chemical resistance ● Low friction(prolong service life) ● Able to withstand 35m/s speed ● Extreme operating temperature(from-50℃ to 230℃) ● Handle pressure up to35kgs(3.5Mpa) ● Long seal life in dry or abrasive media ● Special size can be customized  …
  • Air Compressor Oil Seals Rotary Shaft Seal
    Air Compressor Oil Seals Rotary Shaft Seal Oil Seals or Lip Seals can work in situations where traditional rubber seal can not be used. oil Seals prevent lubricants from escaping, keep contaminants from entering and help stop intermixture of different mediums   Please tell us your application conditions and relevant…
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