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  • RO Membrane Element Fittings

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Elements are mainly used for water filtration system, such as industrial water purification,home drinking RO system . It can remove virus, microorganisms, metal ions, carcinogens and other soluble salt from water effectively. Hongda supports RO customers by providing wide range of RO Membrane Elements, the material…
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  • PTFE Ball Valve Sea

    Gaskets,seats and inserts, which are important components in the ball valve industry, and they are usually made of fluoroplastic materials or high-performance plastics. Hongda can supply various ball valve seat and valve stem sealing gasket.​Our strength lays in our integration and full production control, which implies: ​​Offering a comprehensive range of high…
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  • Plastic Machined Parts

    Hongda is a professional supplier in the production of plastic machined parts in high-performance fluoropolymers and thermoplastics. With over 20 years of proven experience, factory covering 50,000 M2, a state-of-the-art machine workshop and well established quality processes, hongda isable to meet the most rigorous technical requirements and presents itself as…
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  • Fluoroplastic Heat Exchanger

    We supply PFA,FEP and PTFE heat exchangers for chemical and semi-conductor industry. Main properties: Ultra-High Purity PFA Tubing Universal Corrosion resistance High thermal efficiency Reliable leak free operation Our PFA heat exchangers have a long reliable lifetime. They are less brittle than glass and graphite and more corrosion resistant than…
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  • What is PCTFE?

    PCTFE is a homopolymer of chlorotrifluoroethylene,and it is a harder and stronger polymer, has low coefficient of thermal expansion and good dimensional stability, with better mechanical properties than PTFE. PCTFE was first developed and produced by 3M but has been discontinued since December 1995. Currently, PCTFE resin is produced by…
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  • Ready Good Quality PVDF Sheet

    To meet the urgently delivery requirements of customer,we arranged a new production of PVDF extruded sheets ,to maintain our regular inventory level. Hot sell thickness 3mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,20mm.. Size:1500mm*3000mm Size:1000mm*2000mm Welcome for your inquiry!
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  • Polymer Seals Material Choice for Industrial Valve

    Few components have more influence on the performance of a valve than the seal. Its job is to guard against leakage resulting from wear and tolerance variations in the valve hardware. The choice of polymer seal material for Industrial Valves(Ball valve, safety valve etc.) is vital to its performance.Here are the…
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