Wholesale High quality Kel-F PCTFE rod
Wholesale High quality Kel-F PCTFE rod
Wholesale High quality Kel-F PCTFE rod
Wholesale High quality Kel-F PCTFE rod

PCTFE rod,also known as kel-f rod, is a kind of perfect sealing material under cryogenic and high pressure conditions.It has excellent rigidity, low temperature resistance, cryogenic fluid resistance and good size stability.

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Wholesale High quality Kel-F PCTFE rod

• Perfect material for cryogenic applications
​• Dimensionally stable over a wide temperature range
​• Extremely low gas permeability.
​• Excellent resistance to creep.
​• Working temperature from -200°C to +120˚C
Size available for pctfe rod

Size Length(1) Length(2)
Φ5mm 200mm 1000mm
Φ7mm 200mm 1000mm
Φ8mm 200mm 1000mm
Φ9mm 200mm 1000mm
Φ10mm 200mm 1000mm
Φ13mm 200mm 1000mm
Φ15mm 200mm 1000mm
Φ16mm 200mm 1000mm
Φ18mm 200mm 1000mm
Φ20mm 200mm 1000mm
Φ22mm 200mm 1000mm
Φ25mm 200mm 1000mm
Φ30mm 160~300mm 1000mm
Φ34mm 160~300mm 1000mm
Φ35mm 160~300mm 1000mm
Φ36mm 160~300mm 1000mm
Φ40mm 160~300mm 1000mm
Φ45mm 160~300mm 1000mm
Φ50mm 160~300mm 1000mm
Φ52mm 160~300mm 1000mm
Φ54mm 160~300mm 1000mm
Φ60mm 160~300mm 1000mm
Φ63mm 160~300mm
Φ70mm 160~300mm
Φ78mm 50mm
Φ80mm 50mm
Φ85mm 50mm
Φ95mm 50mm
Φ100mm 50mm
Φ125mm 50mm
Φ136mm 50mm

​We manufacture PCTFE semi-finished products including pctfe rod, pctfe tube and pctfe sheet by extrusion and compression moulding. In addition,we also do machined components for a range of industries including Aerospace, Semi-conductor, Oil & Gas,Petrochemical and customzied projects.Full traceability on all material under ISO 9001:2015
Reliable and brand raw material
In-house tensile strength and elongation testing
hot size on stock and quick lead time
With over 20 years of manufacture experience of fluoropolymers



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