Soft seal & seat for Ball Valve

We design and munufactuer world-class polymer seals(especially for seals & seat used in valves). If you need to design customized seals, hope to get advice on the right fluoropolymer material to use,our experienced team of industrial seal experts will recommend a standard seal or design a custom seal to meet harsh environmental conditions. Regular sealing materials for choice: PTFE, filled PTFE, TFM1600, PCTFE, PEEK, PFA, UHMW-PE....

Main seals we offer:

  • Sealing gaskets,washers
  • Valve seals & Seat and components
  • O Rings
  • Back-up Rings (Anti-extrusion Rings)
  • Sleeve and bearings
  • Spring energized seals
  • Shaft seals/Oil seals
  • Piston rings