What is PCTFE?

PCTFE is a homopolymer of chlorotrifluoroethylene,and it is a harder and stronger polymer, has low coefficient of thermal expansion and good dimensional stability, with better mechanical properties than PTFE.

PCTFE was first developed and produced by 3M but has been discontinued since December 1995. Currently, PCTFE resin is produced by Daikin Industries Ltd. under the trade name Neoflon PCTFE grade M-300H, M-300P, M-400H)

The actual 3M Kel-F plastic is no longer available in the marketplace.

Though PCTFE has excellent chemical resistance, it is still less than that of PTFE. PCTFE has lower viscosity, higher tensile strength and creep resistance than PTFE. It is an ideal sealing material under the condition of cryogenic temperature and high pressure.
PCTFE has one of the highest limiting oxygen index. It has good chemical resistance and also exhibits properties like zero moisture absorption and non-wetting.

Hongda manufacture PCTFE semi-finished products including pctfe rod, pctfe tube and pctfe plate by extrusion and compression moulding. In addition,wealso do PCTFE machined parts as per customer drawings.Such as PCTFE Valve seats, PCTFE seals

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